Karen Thernelan, PT, DPT

Director, Clinical Education, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Dr. Karen Thernelan is a Haitian American originally from Crown Heights, Brooklyn and embarked on an extraordinary trajectory that transformed her from an aspiring cardiologist with a passion for science to an esteemed physical therapist and advocate for compassionate healthcare. After a fall down the stairs during her biology studies in undergrad shifted her path, she found herself captivated by the healing potential of physical therapy. With over 18 years of clinical experience specializing in sports and pediatric rehabilitation, Karen's journey has been defined by her unyielding dedication to patient care and her unique ability to make meaningful connections with both patients and clinicians.

As a manager and director, she further elevated her impact, skillfully combining her clinical prowess with a leadership style that prioritized the well-being of clinicians under her guidance. Her commitment to nurturing the well-being of fellow caregivers and future practitioners stands as a testament to her desire to reintroduce genuine care into the healthcare field.  Her legacy of heartfelt healing, leadership, and mentorship, Dr. Karen Thernelan’s story is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and a genuine commitment to leaving a positive impact; thereby helping to shape the landscape of quality physical therapy care.