Jonathan Lee-Confer, PhD

Assistant Professor, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Dr. Lee-Confer completed his doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Biomechanics at the University of Southern California. Furthermore, he completed his Master of Science (M.S.) in Biomechanics and his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Kinesiology at the California State University, Sacramento. Dr. Lee-Confer has instructed anatomy and physiology, biology, statistics, college mathematics, kinesiology and biomechanics at the undergraduate level. He has also taught orthopedic pathology, gross anatomy (cadaveric), analytical anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics at the master’s and doctoral levels. He has successfully guided over 1500+ students to educational success since 2009 and has held academic appointments at the California State University, Sacramento, the University of Southern California, the University of Arizona, and the Arizona College of Nursing.

Dr. Lee-Confer is currently the Secretary General and Chairperson of the Education Committee for the Arizona Falls Prevention Coalition. He co-created the biomechanical training implementation for Arizona Senate Bill 1373 which involves training every care giver in the state of Arizona. Furthermore, Dr. Lee-Confer is the co-author on the research behind ASTM International Standard F2508-16e. He is the current CEO and Director of Biomechanics for an Arizona-based expert witness company called Verum Biomechanics where he provides expert opinions on injury biomechanics, fall injuries, code compliance (OSHA, ADA, ASTM) and vehicular/pedestrian incidents.

Dr. Lee-Confer enjoys working with students to guide them in understanding complex topics using constructivism learning theory as the foundation for his approach. He enjoys being part of the students’ academic journey in the growth and development.


  • PhD, University of Southern California
  • MS, California State University, Sacramento
  • BS, California State University, Sacramento