Matthew Briggs, MFA

Assistant Professor of Practice, Health Sciences Design
Assistant Professor of Practice: Design Fellow, Engineering

Matthew Briggs is a designer, educator and multimedia artist with expertise in computer-aided design and fabrication technology, including equipment for woodworking, metalworking, machining, robotics, textiles and printing. He has extensive experience mentoring students in concept development, digital modeling and critical and technical design skills. Prior to joining the University of Arizona, Matthew taught at Phoenix Forge, the largest makerspace in the Southwest, as well as Phoenix College and Mesa Community College. He has led classes and workshops on subjects including digital design, 3D modeling, CNC milling, 3D printing and digital fabrication. He is a graduate of Arizona State University with degrees in Graphic Information Technology and Digital Culture, as well as the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where his graduate work in the Design for Emerging Technologies program won an AIADO Design Council Award.