Sae Byul “Sarah” Ma, PharmD

Director of Accreditation, Physician Assistant Program
Associate Professor of Practice, R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy

Sae Byul (Sarah) Ma, PharmD, is an Associate Professor of Practice of the College of Pharmacy and the Director of Accreditation of the Physician Assistant Program. She serves as one of directors who facilitates planning, administration, evaluation, and continuous improvement for Physician Assistant Program. Her classroom teaching is focused on primary care, which stems from her practice background in primary care ambulatory setting. She graduated with her bachelors in nutrition science and animal studies from University of California, Davis and got her PharmD at University of Southern California. She has spent over 10 years of her career in academia, serving in various roles which includes faculty and associate program director. As a respected scholar, Sarah has made substantial contributions to her field. Her dedication to interprofessional education (IPE) and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) curriculum has resulted in the publication of multiple articles and book chapters. Furthermore, she has been invited to present her research nationally, highlighting the significance of IPE and MAT in improving patient outcomes and advancing healthcare practices. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sarah is known for her genuine care for her students and colleagues. She fosters a collaborative and inclusive learning environment, empowering others to reach their full potential.