Financial Fact Sheet

Physical Therapy Admissions

Financial Fact Sheet


The data applies to students experiencing the program in the first cohort commencing academic year 2025-2026.

Length of Program which includes all student instruction/interaction (including classroom, laboratory, exams, and clinical education). 

Length of Program in Weeks excluding breaks:  118
Length of Program in Weeks including breaks: 142

Clinical Education

Does this program have a requirement for all students to complete at least one clinical education experience for which the students need to seek alternative housing or travel accommodations to attend: Yes  

Note: Students are responsible for costs associated with housing, travel, and food during clinical education. 

Student Costs

Note: These are costs experienced by students in the Fall 2025 – Summer 2026 academic year. Annual costs are estimates and subject to increases. Students should contact the program for further information related to costs.

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Total
Annual Tuition Public Institution, In-state Student 20,182.00 20,182.00 14,738.00 NA 55,102.00
Annual Tuition Public Institution, Out-of-state student 39,436.00 39,436.00 33,992.00 NA 112,864.00
Annual Tuition Private Institution Student NA NA NA NA NA
Annual institutional fees for a full-time student [Includes general institutional fees, i.e., health insurance, 
recreation, etc.]
12,135.70 12,135.70 8,118.00   32,389.40
Total expected cost of other program- related expenses
[Includes: required texts, laboratory fees, and other program costs for the  entire technical program.]
1000.00 1000.00 1000.00   3000.00
Total Cost of the Program  [Includes: tuition, fees, other program costs for the entire program. Include in-state and out-of-state as applicable) In state:
Out of state:
In state:
Out of state:
In state:
Out of state:
  In state:
Out of state:

Note: We encourage students to explore the cost of living for areas where they may choose to live. One possible website:

The institution offers financial assistance specific to DPT students. No
The program/institution offers scholarships specific to DPT students. No
The program offers graduate assistantships specific to DPT students. Yes 

Note: Other opportunities may exist at the institution for FINANCIAL SUPPORT-please contact the program for further information.

We encourage APTA student members to visit the APTA Financial Solutions Center

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